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Photo Booths

Strike a pose and capture the magic of the moment with our stunning mirror photo booth! This sleek and modern photo booth features interactive mirror that doubles as a touchscreen, allowing you to snap and share glamorous photos with filters, GIFs, boomerangs, video and animations. 

Immerse yourself in a revolutionary visual experience with our 360 Video Booth. Step inside and let the magic unfold as our state-of-the-art technology captures every angle, creating a dynamic and engaging video that surrounds you in a complete 360-degree view. Perfect for events, parties, and unforgettable moments, this booth offers a unique perspective that goes beyond the ordinary. Elevate your content with the latest in immersive video technology – the 360 Video Booth is not just a booth; it's a portal to a world of endless possibilities.

Introducing the Glam Cam, a cutting-edge selfie photo booth inspired by the timeless elegance of Kim Kardashian. Step into a world of sophistication and simplicity with crisp, clean black-and-white photographs against a pristine white backdrop. Embracing the philosophy that less is more, the Glam Cam captures stunning images that effortlessly showcase your beauty. With user-friendly features, this booth requires no attendant, making it a hassle-free experience that ensures your moments are simply beautiful. Elevate your selfies to a new level of glamour and style with the Glam Cam.

2 hour minimum for photo booth rentals

& Booth Enclosures

The Party Tent

Add a touch of futuristic flair to your party with our inflatable LED Party Tent! This eye-catching structure is adorned with vibrant LED lights that can change colours and create a mesmerizing ambiance around your photo booth or bar. 

4 meters in diameter**

$200 add on to your Photo Booth Rental


The Shimmer Wall


Transform your party into a dazzling wonderland with our shimmering backdrop! Catching the light just right, it adds a touch of magic to any event, turning moments into memories that shimmer and shine. 

$200 add on to your Photo Booth Rental

The Barbie Box

A life-sized, enchanting photo op experience that's perfect for kids and adults alike! Whether you're throwing a Barbie-themed party or just want a dash of nostalgic fun, our Barbie Box promises unforgettable moments. Get ready to strike a pose and bring out your inner Barbie with our immersive 'Barbie Box' experience! 

$200 4 hr rental
Add shimmer wall $50
Add balloon garland $50

360 Video Booth Rentals (4).png
360 Video Booth Rentals (5).png
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